Offering Reliable Service

Processlog, an Indian IT firm with technology-driven business solutions. With a vision of creating a competitive advantage with Software and becoming the most valued partner of our clients, we deliver high quality Business Management Solutions. We helps our clients to achieve higher innovation yields, compress time to market, improve productivity, to increase the value from their R&D investments. From strategic and operational consulting guidance to complete product lifecycle capabilities, our singular focus on product development, means we are engineered for your success. Our vision is to empower our clients through better software - any time, any place Processlog gives you a dynamic, powerful set of tools for unsurpassed competitive edge, we shall foster the spirit of entrepreneurship within the organization through individual development. Our endeavour is to provide our national and international customers with competitive Information Technology solutions. We shall achieve this Quality Service by comprehending their need through close interaction and by creating global network as a committed team, we shall strive for-

  • • Being a trustworthy, customer-oriented organization.
  • • Open and warm environment where everyone is respected listened to and encouraged to excel.
  • • Actively creating and exploring opportunity for the growth of our customers and our organization.
  • • Leadership Today our direct vision has evolved; our managers and employees must always act with the utmost integrity, and be guided by what is ethical and right for our customers. We build relationships based on trust, respect and mutual understanding. We have enabled our infrastructure, developed E-processes to maximize our operational efficiency and effectiveness. Everything from being integrated with Developers to Software's, to customer support, a real time Automatic Engine that can make best business for you. We will always back up our products with unparalleled service and support.
  • • Innovation You are no longer restricted in solution choices by "what it can do" , Processlog is enriched with highly qualified and dedicated team of development combined with our constant efforts to anticipate customer needs, improve quality and reduce costs will enable us to deliver the best products and technologies. at Processlog we build high quality software systems from customized software to Smartcard Applications, incorporating some of the latest, most relevant, proven technology- configured to your exact specifications - every time.

Our Mission

To create unprecedented value for all stakeholders through Innovation, Collaboration, and Operational Excellence in partnership with clients who embrace globalization to boost engineering and R&D performance and optimize value across the full product and service lifecycle.

  • Client Delight: The common focus and concentration of all our energies around our clients to exceed their expectations of us as a company, a team and as individuals
  • Integrity: The common values we share in all our words, thoughts and actions with our clients, partners, shareholders and each other, that stands unwavering and above reproach
  • Employee Empowerment: An environment that harnesses the full potential of each and every individual in the company through empowerment and provides support to bring out our best
  • Esprit de Corps: The common cross cultural spirit, bond and dynamic that exists across our company and inspires each of us everyday, establishes trust and respect for one another, nourishes a fun work environment and creates an inner sense of devotion, pride and honour
  • Measurable Value: The common commitment to provide and be accountable for high quality, measurable results to our clients, partners, shareholders, and each other
  • nnovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit: The common constantly evaluated and managed evolution of our business as we change the rules in every market we compete, that fuels and rewards new ways of thinking and working to improve what we do and how we do it

Value support

For the development of an economy, deployment of modern means is an unconditional ingredient. Information Technology is happened to be a big means for this economic advancement and for the better information. For that, we need to deploy enhanced version of information instigator. Thus, internet and software makes the most outstanding contribution to the modern world of development. . . . The focused integration of people, technology and processes ensures that you derive tangible value from your association with us.

Flexibility From service and solution offerings to delivery models and technology, we offer you total flexibility. Our diverse skills set and our philosophy of remaining vendor neutral enable us to suggest solutions that are relevant and unbiased.

Accountability We develop fixed price contracts and build in Service Level Agreements (SLA) with clearly defined deliverables and clauses. This ensures that you pay only for the solution you want.

Performance Orientation We deliver solutions that reflect on your bottom line – increasing revenue, decreasing COGS, decreasing operating costs, reducing working capital and fixed costs, delivering ROI, and improving productivity and overall profitability. We also try to find innovative ways to make you create tangible value for the money you invest in development.

Internal Investment Processlog makes continuous investments in R&D and training to build and retain our intellectual capital for our clients’ benefit.

System Support: - Is the ongoing maintenance of system after it has been placed into operation. This includes program maintenance and system improvements. In the information system framework, systems support maintains all the building blocks and their documentation for a production information system. Systems analysts usually coordinate systems support. Calling on the services of maintenance programmers and system designers are necessary. Systems support doesn’t consist of phases so much as it does ongoing activities. These are:

• Fixing software bugs:
  • Software bugs are errors that slipped through the testing phases during software construction.
  • • Recovering the system: From time to time, a system failure will result in an aborted program or loss of data. This may have been caused by human error or a hardware or software failure. The systems analyst may then be called on to recover the system- that is, to restore a system’s files and databases, and to restart the system.
  • • Assisting users: Regardless of how well the users have been trained and how good the end-user documentation is, users will eventually require additional assistance-unanticipated problem arise, new users are added, and so forth.
  • • Adapting the system to new requirements: New requirements may include new business problems, new business requirements, new technical problems, or new technology requirements.

To achieve this, we aim to provide our customers with the most extensive and user-friendly support documentations and guides on how they can manage and do more with their websites. Additionally, our friendly customer service staff is always available to help our customers.