We have a well-defined application development process
which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to warranty support of the application
by using cutting-edge creative imaging, concepts and technology. Our projects reflect an acute understanding
of the brand needs and corporate equities of our clients. Our singular focus on product development means we are engineered for your success.

Whether it be application development to perform specific tasks, databases to collate and analyze information,
or cooperative programs to extend the capabilities of existing software, we can help. We develop software solutions
that are tailor made to the user's requirements we go through your requirements in detail and then build software designs according to your needs.

We offer customized e-business solutions that enable, organizations to effectively interact and perform
business transactions with all business units, which include customers, suppliers, distribution channel and employees.
There is a wide range of products meeting a range of generic needs in the marketplace. But often, the requirements
of your business will dictate the need for custom developed Web applications.

Processlog venture in to the development of highly efficient smartcards with data security system,
we have very professional and expert group to implant the standards in developing such high end,
easy to use cards for corporates, government agencies, hospitals, clubs, like that sort.

Organizations around the world always want to reach their customers on time. Smartphone helps organizations
to interact with their customers instantly. Custom mobile applications boost the functions and performances
of the Smartphone. We at Processlog develop customer-centric mobile applications for various platforms.

AWI is an excellent business management system for wood developers it include inventory and invoicing system, stock management, and many more.


Processlog based in cochin, India, we are leading vendor of customized and standard software applications. Our vision is to empower our clients through better solutions any time, any place. We give you a dynamic, powerful set of tools for unsurpassed competitive edge, we provide both management and professional skills with total application solutions, which are faster, easier and more productive than ever before. The firm has been setup with full resources to tap the extended possibilities that are available in the present software and web market, with the innovation of customized solutions, the firm could be able to take the problems that are faced by the different segments of the economy. We can help your organization to make the most of your resources, people and time, we are committed to our customers and will provide the resources, training, and support that are necessary to ensure your success.

Today’s business economy is tough, you need to do more with less efforts and find efficient solutions, we provide both management and technical skills with total application approach. You are no longer restricted to solution choices by ‘what it can do ‘, we at Processlog enriched with highly skilled and dedicated team of development, combined with our efforts to anticipate customer needs, improve quality and reduce costs, will enable us to deliver the best products, at Processlog we build quality software applications and smartcard applications incorporating some of the latest and most relevant and proven technologies, configured to your exact specifications every time.


Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise resource planning is a process by which your company manages and integrates the important parts of its business. An ERP management information system integrates areas such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources. Normally ERP systems use the same database throughout an entire company to store various types of data for different computerized functions.it is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

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Customized Application Development

A customized application is one that utilizes a purchased software package that has been modified or supplemented with software, developed by in-house, to better match unique characteristics and needs of the organization. The decision to build a custom software and its implementation would usually rest on one or more of the following factors: 1. Finances - both cost and benefit: The upfront license cost for custom software product mean, that a thorough cost-benefit analysis of the business case that needs to be done. 2. Supplier - In this case the supplier likely to remain in business for long, will there be adequate support and customisation available? Alternatively, will there be a realistic possibility of getting support and customisation from third parties? all these questions should be answered in a custom-built software.

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Web Application Development

Web sites most likely to be referred to as web applications when they have similar functionality to a desktop software application, or to a mobile app. HTML5 introduced explicit language support for making applications that are loaded as web pages, but can store data locally and continue to function while offline.There are several ways of targeting mobile devices when making a web application • Responsive web design can be used to make a web application - whether a conventional web site or a single-page application viewable on small screens and work well with touchscreens • Progressive Web Apps are a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application.• Hybrid apps embed a mobile web site inside a native app, possibly using a hybrid framework This allows development using web technologies while also retaining certain advantages of native apps

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Our Applications Plans

Smartcard Applications

Smart cards are used in a wide range of industries worldwide to support access, identity, payment and other applications. The contactless smart card contains an antenna embedded within the plastic body of the card (or within a key fob, watch or other document). When the card is brought into the electromagnetic field of the reader, the chip in the card is powered on. The CCID (Chip Card Interface Device) is a USB protocol that allows a smartcard to be connected to a computer, using a standard USB interface. This allows the smartcard to be used as a security token for authentication and data encryption

Mobile Application

Developing apps for mobile devices requires considering the constraints and features of these devices. Mobile devices run on battery and have less powerful processors than personal computers and also have more features such as location detection and cameras. Developers also have to consider a wide array of screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations because of intense competition in mobile software and changes within each of the platforms. Professional mobile application management helps companies protect their data. One option for securing corporate data is app wrapping

Our First App

AWI is an excellent business management system for wood developers (build date 2004) it include inventory and invoicing system, stock management, and many more. Primary functionality of integrated inventory business system is to create new Company record for the product sales and purchase analysis, and provides password protected authentication to prevent from unauthorized users, Automated billings and sales/purchase analysis for making good relationships with your customers.