Processlog has been adopting a very comprehensive and up-to-date framework for its solution department. It has very structural and hierarchical standards that help the firm to provide the best solution to our clients. Our solution department comprises these standards- Team, Process, Application, Solution Design, Infrastructure and Cost.

Team Standard: A team is not just a group of people working on the same project. It has the right expertise for the project, teaches members to use the expertise that holds them responsible for results in the areas they are specifically working on. With this standard we have strengthened our team with following advantage.

  • 1.  Information Regarding the status of the project.
  • 2.  Time to deal with users
  • 3.  Development and testing occur together
  • 4.  Time management is not at all a problem any more.
  • 5.  Tasks are distributed properly among the team and hence there is no question of who does what.
The Processlog team standards define a team as a group of peers working in interdependent and co-operative environment. Each team member has a well defined role and has a specific task to complete.

Process Standard An effective process identifies the important task and manages it against the one that might not be urgent or important with an effective standard. Processlog has attained certain privileges like clear project goals, cost effectiveness, Proper Time Management even when the project is in threshold.

Application Standard It is based on proper division between user interface, business rules. Application must be designed in such a way that the user need not learn more application to work on a complex set of data.

Solution Standard: Processlog Solution standard incorporates Application, Team and Process standards. It provides you with a strategy for designing business oriented solutions driven by a specific business need.

Infrastructure Standard: With the deployment of infrastructural standard Processlog has gained yet another advantage to provide solutions with no delay. Even when technology issues are to be resolved. It is very comprehensive and there will not be any apprehension after the project has been released.

Total Cost Standard This means reducing cost for a better return in computing investment. Processlog stands for providing a better way to reduce cost.